Hi! It's Corey! So i got this idea last night, and the admins and I, KLA and Taylor, discussed about adding new admins to the wiki.We decided it was a great idea! But, to be an admin, you need to be able to do the following things:

  • Help make the wiki stronger and more popular.
  • Check on the wiki everyday.
  • DO NOT overuse your admin powers, such as giving people chat mod rights randomly, if you do, your admin rights might of taken away. (Be sure to ask one of the older admins if you can make someone a chat mod)
  • And remember you MUST be honest in your application. If you make up stuff your application will be declined. And if you have been banned in the past, we will revoked your appliction aswell.

Of course, you will need to fill out an application to become an admin! Here is the application you will need to turn in!


Why You Like This Wiki:

Why You Think You Should Become A Admin: (Give at least two reasons)

How Would You Make The Wiki Stronger If You Became An Admin:

It is a pretty easy application! :P Not too long. We will only be accepting a limit of 3 or 4 new admins. The other admins and I also discussed that people that turn in a application and don't become a admin, you will maybe become a chat mod. But your application has to be good enough to be even a chat mod. :P

PLEASE TURN IN YOUR APPLICATION ON EITHER KIDLOVESAUSLLY, TAYLORR5A&A, OR MY MESSAGE WALL. We will compare applications and decide together or gets to be the new admins. :)

Please turn in your applications by August 9th! The new admins will be announced August 10th or August 11th :)

Thank You! :)