The time is finally here. *Talks in deep voice* The time where you find out if you are one of this wikis new admin or chat mod. *Coughs* Hehe. Sorry about that. Very exciting news will be posted on this forum, so pleaseeee read ahead! :D The other admins and I had a tough time picking, we honestly wish we could make all of you new admins, but sadly we can't. Posted below the new admin and chat mods will be a set of rules you need to follow to stay a chat mod or admin. Please read them! :)

Okay, let's begin. *Plays music*


BloodyRose11 (Yayayayayaay) *Throws confetti*

Austinallycupcake38795 (Yayayayayayayaya) *Throws confetti*

AustinAllyR5&More! (Yayayayayaayaya) *Throws confetti*

These applications were veryyyy detailed. I'm not saying the others weren't, but the other admins and I loved these two users applications.

There are two users that we couldn't decide if they should be an admin or chat mod, so we decided that they should be an admin and chat mod.


Rossome:) (Yayayayayaya) *Throws confetti*

Eileen516 (Yayayayayaya) *Throws confetti*

To stay an admin, please make sure you follow these rules that the other admins and I discussed.

* Be active on the wiki, if you aren't active, we will demote your admin powers.

* Make AT LEAST 3 pages on the wiki. You have 30 days to make three pages, and they have to be complete, not just a couple words on a page.

* You can miss AT LEAST 3 admin meetings, but please try and attend as much as you can.

* Please help and advertise for the wiki. We don't care what you do, just please help this wiki be the best wiki it can be.

*Feel free to change the title or background, as long as it is food related and not totally related.

Taylor and KLA, if i forgot a rule, please edit this forum. We haven't discussed this in a few days, so i probably forgot some. xD

Now, the new chat mods! *Plays music*

Chat Mods:

AustinAndAllyAddict (Yayayayaya) *Throws confetti*

TheRossome,LaurificR5Lover! (Yayayayaya) *Throws confetti*

AHHHHHHH! We have a situation! I ran out of confetti! Oh, wait. That is everyone. Like I said, veryyyy hard to pick, so don't be mad about what you turned out to be. Chat Mods, here are the rules for you.

* You can kick for fun ONCE.

* If you kick for fun more than once, you get a warning, but if you keep kicking for fun, we may demote your powers.

You can only kick for:


Rude Language

Being Rude To Another

*Like the admins, you need to be active on the wiki, if your not, your powers may get demoted.

Advertise the chat room here for people to come and PARTY!!! xD

Once again, Taylor and KLA, if i forgot a rule, please add it xD

I am changing rights of these users RIGHT NOW! Congrats to everyone and thank you to everyone that was a part of this, you all had rossome applications!!! :D