Hello fellow food lovers! I just have a few wiki annoucements and rules to share. First of all, I looked at the admin dashboard today and we almost have 3000 edits! Keep editing! :D

Second, I realized people were changing The title to something non food related. I didn't do anything about it yet but next time it happens u get a warning. :) The title can be food pairings just not regular pairings. :)

Third, new admins, it has been couple weeks since the new admins were announced. You have about 15-16 days to make three pages on the wiki. If u don't I got two great applications from Marley and Madi and they will take your place. Please make pages!! :) Here is how much pages each admin needs to make so far:

Rossay: 2 pages Rose: 3 pages Melody: 2 pages Eileen: 3 pages Cupcake: 2 pages

Thank you! :)