Hello Food Lovers! :D We have got our 7 admins, so we don't need anymore since they all made 3 pages!! :) Thank you to everyone else that applied though, I decided to make the others chat mods. :D 

Here are the admins on the wiki! If you have any questions or anything ask one of these people! :D

CoolCoreyCat13 (Head Admin) B)

KidLovesAuslly (Co-Head Admin) B)

TaylorR5A&A B)

Rossome:) B)

AustinAndAllyAddict B)

Mrs.NiallHoran13 B)

Nutta of da Buttas B)

Another announcement! We may be having a meeting, so If your an admin, PLEASE post a comment on this thread and let me know if you could make it to the meeting or if you cannot. :) (I can only do it on weekends.) :P Thank you! :D :D