Ahh Breakfast.... does anybody else think it's the best meal of the day? :D 

Breakfast Food Lovers!Edit

Add ur Name if you love Breakfast Food! :D

  • Corey!!! <3 (CoolCoreyCat13)
  • Taytertot!!! (TaylorR5A&A)
  • Melody :DDDD (AustinAllyR5&More!)
  • Madi (Madi60517)
  • KLA (KidLovesAuslly)
  • TommyMonster (TommyTom77) I die at thought of nutella or panckes or cinnamon toast crunch LOL
  • Eileen516
  • Swiftie (Taylor Swifts Number One Fan)
  • Megan!! :D (AustinAndAllyAddict)
  • Shay (Shaynene16) Breakfeast is my favourite next to Snack Dinner and Lunch. #TrueStory
  • Rocky (AusllyRocking)
  • Rossayyyyy (Pancakeesss yummm)
  • Perry

Breakfast FoodsEdit

  1. Eggs
  2. Pancakes
  3. Bacon
  4. Waffles
  5. Biscuits
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Gritts
  8. Toast
  9. French Toast
  10. Sausages
  11. Donuts
  12. Cereal
  13. Bagels
  14. Fruit
  15. Granola Bars
  16. Hashbrowns
  17. Omelettes
  18. Nutella & Bread (Some people put Nutella on their toast... they're rossome.) xD
  19. English Muffins
  20. Muffin
  21. Coffee
  22. Cereal Bars
  23. Crescents
  24. Creps


Feel free to add any Breakfast Food pics! :D

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